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What is the Canine Phenome Project?

The Canine Phenome Project is an effort to describe the dog as a species in all of its variability and to understand the factors, both genetic and non-genetic, that contribute to this variability. It is an open-ended attempt to describe and understand the basis for all of the characteristics (or phenotypes) of dogs in great detail. The emphasis will be on describing those characteristics that distinguish one breed from another and those characteristics that distinguish one individual from another within a breed. In this context we consider the canine phenome to consist of all aspects of the dog including size, anatomy and appearance, composition and metabolism, behavior and temperament, and health and disease susceptibility. In order to facilitate the discovery of associations between genotype and phenotype or environmental factor and phenotype, efforts will be made to define canine phenome descriptors in fundamental terms most likely to reflect the influence of one gene or a few genes or the influence of a single environmental factor. Of course a complete description of something as complex as the canine phenome is impossible in the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, substantial progress toward the ultimate goal is likely if the extensive expertise of the vast dog-owning, dog-breeding, dog-training, and dog-treating public can be mobilized to contribute their knowledge in an efficient and organized fashion.

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